Speedy Clean



Economic and Workforce Development

Both rural and urban communities want and need opportunities for citizens and businesses to thrive. This means working together to give citizens from all economic classes access to North Carolina’s growth and opportunities. 

Economic development doesn’t just mean business and community growth, it also means giving our citizens access to this growth, by providing them with workforce development through education and training. In doing this, we expand the workforce and turn laborers that feel left behind into a ready, able, and skilled workforce. Preparing our hardworking labor force will encourage development and create an environment that will build greater communities.

As Lt. Governor, Yvonne will work with new and existing companies that want to be in NC, to get them to commit to being community partners, not just "investors". She will promote using and enhancing our educational institutions and job training programs to produce living wage and above living wage jobs.  By providing a ready, able, and skilled workforce, industries will consider NC the destination for success. Preparing our already existing NC labor force through education and training, we will encourage an environment to create even greater communities. 

Access to Affordable and Healthy Food

One of the first issues that Yvonne worked on in the General Assembly has been food security. She introduced HB 387, which would create the Healthy Food Small Retailer Fund in the Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services for food desert relief purposes by providing micro-grants for equipment and shelving, initial expense offsets, and food and nutrition education. Governor Cooper signed this bill as SL 2019-230. Yvonne knows that this battle will continue as budget wars rage in the General Assembly. She plans to keep pushing the issue of food security until every North Carolinian has access to healthy and affordable food. 

Affordable & Attainable Housing and Healthcare

Yvonne started a bipartisan workgroup committee with House and Senate members studying ways to make housing affordable and attainable in both urban and rural communities. As a result of the vast information and problems identified, she introduced and got a bill passed in the House for a comprehensive study addressing this issue. She understands that making affordable housing attainable is not an easy fix, and she would make that one of her driving issues as Lt. Governor. 

A healthy community is crucial to expanding the North Carolina economy. Since Yvonne has been in the NCGA, she has worked toward Medicaid expansion. She has also promoted other healthcare bills like the Save Act to provide healthcare in under-served areas across the State.

Public Education

Yvonne wants to bring back respect to public education and teachers. She believes that who you are and where you live should not dictate access to quality education. For too long, public education has not received the proper attention it deserves. Our students and teachers deserve respect and support. As Lt. Governor, Yvonne will fight for an increase in per-student spending to equal the national average, as well as an increase in teacher pay to match the national average. Increased public education funding should go toward the increase in the number of school librarians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, nurses, and other health professionals. She is a proponent of PUBLIC education and believes that public money should go toward public schools.