As a result of the economic crisis our country is facing the challenge of rebuilding and reinventing itself for the 21st century. The current legislature’s choices for solving our economic challenges have undermined years of progress and they are spending more time and resources trying to promote a political agenda than governing responsibly.

For years, North Carolina has been known as one of the best places to live because of our strong educational system, low unemployment rate, great paying jobs and a clean environment. The current legislative leadership is systematically destroying what has made our state one of the greatest places to live.

  • I am committed to ensuring that a superior educational environment for all students supersedes political conversations and will work to address such critical issues as tuition hikes, student retention and job retraining.
  • I encourage educational partnership with foundations, nonprofits and businesses to assist in the development of math and science programs like STEM.
  • I work to ensure that funding is available to keep teachers in the classroom.
  • I support efforts to prevent / reduce dropout rates.
  • I support our state’s “World Class” universities by maintaining funds to prevent critical program cuts and tuition hikes.
  • I work to ensure the necessary resources are available for the Community College System to effectively offer educational opportunities for upgrading job skills and retraining displaced workers in areas of emerging technology and sustainable energy.
  • I explore the new sustainable green initiatives as an opportunity for job development and protecting our environment.
  • I support targeted workforce training and job placement through the Community College System and Universities with business partnerships related to specific job training.
  • I support reinvestment in infrastructure projects to improve highways, transportation and or existing ports.
  • I promote innovative approaches for improving delivery of services.
  • I encourage incentives for small and start-up businesses.
  • I lead efforts to bring more businesses (that hire locally) to the area.